The courses..


My classes cover a variety of techniques such as asanas (body postures), pranayamas (breathing control techniques), mudras (body gestures and mental), bandhas (energy locks), concentration and relaxation techniques.

Hatha Yoga is the best way to start our Yoga experience. It prepares the body and the mind for more advanced techniques such as meditation and pranayama. Its techniques increase the awareness of our own body, of our own breathing which leads to an increased awareness of our thoughts.

Through perseverant practice, one can get to control more and more the thought waves, the mind, which is the source of all suffering

The courses are structured on three different levels

The level should be chosen according to previous experience in Yoga and to the flexibility of the body. As an example a person who has never practiced Yoga before should start by taking the Gentle level for a while until the body gets more ready for more advanced practices.

The Moderate level is addressed mainly to those who already have some basic knowledge/practice in Yoga.

The Advanced level is for those who are willing to explore the deeper aspects of Yoga in terms of the subtle effects of the Asanas and all the other techniques, in terms of the Chakra awareness and development, and in terms of the preparation for the practice of Meditation.

The Gentle level

The Gentle level introduces basic Yoga principles and techniques meant to prepare the body for more advanced practices. The course includes mainly preparatory Yoga techniques called "Pawanmuktasanas" (Pawan =energie, Mukta = to free, asanas = body postures) meant to unlock stuck energies from the all the joints of the body.

Apart from those, the course covers as well basic Pranayama (breath control exercises), Meditation techniques and deep relaxation methods. This level covers peridically the introduction to and the practice of the Sun Salutaton.

The class follows a very gentle rythm with focus on the awareness of the body and on the breath.

This level is addressed to beginners and to anyone interested in a gentle level.

The Moderate level

The Moderate level requires a basic introduction to breathing and awareness, as well as some preparatory Yoga techniques for the muscles and the joints (as practiced at the Gentle level).

The class covers a variety of Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Relaxation and basic Meditation techniques performed in a slow paced rythm, with more focus on the practice of classical asanas and preparatory techniques for more advanced practices.

The rythm is slow placed and the practiced is focused now on the awareness of the more subtle effects of the asanas, in terms of energy (pranic) currents in the body.

The Advanced level

The Advanced level is addressed to anyone who already has some Yoga experience and/or looks for a more challenging practice.

The class is focused on the practice of classical Asanas, with longer holding of the poses. Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas, Mantras and other more advanced Yoga techniques are introduced gradually.

Even though more demanding physically, the advanced level remains focused on the development of the awareness of the body, the breath and gradually of the more subtle layers of our being: energy (Prana), Chackras, thoughts, emotions, etc.